How To Win The Lottery

11 09 2009

In one of the most gripping 10 minutes of television that I’ve seen in a while (maybe that says more about me than Derren) Derren Brown seemingly predicted the lottery. There are many theories flying around about how he did this, I too have my own. Well, when I say my own I meant I read a tweet on Twitter and concurred with his thoughts…

Derren and Co have even set up a website here in which theories can be discussed. Now that is confident. The only thing that we know for certain about Derren Brown predicting the lottery is that he didn’t predict the lottery.

However he did it Wednesday nights show is the best advert I’ve ever seen for a television show. Roll on "The Events".




4 responses

11 09 2009

I can only care if…

he predicts the winning numbers but only tells them to me in time for me to buy a ticket.

If he does that I will be riveted!

15 09 2009

Re: I can only care if…

I guess you weren’t that rivited then?

I think I’m more confused after watching that programme!

15 09 2009

Re: I can only care if…

no sadly I was not a winner.

Am I the only person who feels genuinely confused each time I dont win the lottery? Ah well at least I can laugh at myself…

15 09 2009

Re: I can only care if…

Both times I have bought a ticket I’ve convinced myself that I’m going to win and I am genuinely gutted when I don’t!

The excitement and dissapointment is becoming far too much for me to bear anymore. As of last Wednesday I’ve banned myself from buying anymore tickets!

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