Pass the pipe and slippers

11 02 2009

These days I seem to wake up to the same four walls, the same bunch of people, the same mountain of work. Although the walls cannot actually be seen due to them becoming my own giant collage, the bunch of people are an amazing group of friends and the mountain of work is more like a few mole hills at the moment I fear I have found myself in a state of routine and rapid aging.

It seems that not long ago my main concerns of the day were whether I had enough fresh bread and beans to make my specialty for tea, or where the alcohol was to be drank that night. Lately I have to make decisions about what to do with my life. Jobs, a flat and all that jazz! As for the beans on toast worries I have moved onto pasta to sustain my hunger for longer, it also goes better with salad as apparently one should make sure they have a healthy balanced diet and the alcohol debate seems to be more along the lines of "can I afford to drink tonight?"

I am not alone in this, most people in my surroundings are currently going through the same thing. A few people I know have resorted to rejecting far more exciting offers on a friday night to stay in and do work. It appears to have got to the stage where every decision requires a full weighing up process, can I afford it? Should I be doing something more productive instead? Is it chilly outside, I don’t have time to catch a cold? I appreciate the fact we all have to grow up and make sensible decisions but I miss people’s sense of fun and adventure. Maybe I’m just being left behind and I should get my mature head on sooner than planned. For now though I’d prefer it if someone could remind me the directions to Peter Pan’s Neverland…