Moving day

15 09 2010

I decided it was time for a clear out. It took a while but my physical world is now clear, time for the cyber world. I have a new blog. Well two actually. One for bits and bobs and one for more detailed entries. This blog has become too inconsistent in both quantity and quality. Time for a fresh start.

My bits and bobs blog can be found here.

My more detailed blog (which is awaiting a title and entries) can be found here.


Task list…

14 01 2010

So I seem to have negleted this blog for a while. It is not forgotten though.

Rather than making New Years resolutions I have found that task lists produce more results. I have have three seperate task lists. This is one of them, thus proving my point about the unforgotten blog and encouraging me to get back on here more regularly.

Over and out. Back soon.

Be Warned!

17 07 2009

Promoting a band by posting tracks on your blog? Not a good idea.
Take Note


18 06 2009

If like me you are  searching for a blog title then look no further, “The Random Desi Blog Title Generator” is here. Perfect if unlike me the title you were going for is something to do with armpits, seemed to be a running theme.