Love Will Tear Us Apart… Again.

6 08 2009

Here comes another Joy Division cover, more specifically another (yes another) Love Will Tear Us Apart cover.

This song has been covered many at time by artists such as The Cure, U2, Fall Out Boy, not to mention the hundreds of bands in Manchester who seem to be under the opinion that a good Joy Division cover will break them into the big time. However, I’ve yet to find a version that I actually like… until now.

Broken Social Scene are the latest to attempt the iconic track. It is a beautiful rendition which seems to capture the spirit of the original without attempting to clone it. Pitchfork describes it as hazy and tortured and I fully agree. Shame it features on the soundtrack to The Time Traveler’s Wife, every cloud though…

You can listen to the song over an over again, without having to sit through another unrealistic love story, here on Pitchfork’s website.