Quarantine. Use your time wiser.

1 12 2008

Sunday afternoon, weather is freezing outside and everyone in halls is planning on a day in bed. Perfect time to escape to the cinema.

It seems to have become an unwritten rule that my whenever my friend Sarah and I watch films together it must be from the horror genre. I think she enjoys watching me squirm! Today’s (well technically yesterday’s) choice was Quarantine. After buying ridiculously overpriced refreshments we untangled ourselves from the many layers we were in and watched the trailers. I say watched the trailers, I had my hands firmly placed over my ears and found myself being very interested in the bag of Malteasers whilst Sarah took mental notes of the films I found most disturbing as these would be later be penciled in for future cinema trips.
The film begins. Five minutes in and I’m already disliking the woman in the lead role. I tell myself i’ll be too distracted by the events of the film rather than her annoying characteristics and bad acting. After what feels like half an hour we still find ourselves watching this annoying woman flirt her way round a fire station whilst being followed by her ‘cameraman’. I use the term loosely as he doesn’t seem to have much control of his camera and if I were more susceptible to motion sickness I would be regretting the bag of Malteasers by now. Eventually the plot moves on and the firemen get a call. The woman seems far too excited about the prospect of an emergency call for my liking but I’m surprisingly ready for some horror action. Sarah and I also thought that the sooner the lead woman became involved in the horror scenes the sooner we could be scared for her and become less annoyed by her. Alas this did not happen and later on in the film after a twenty minute hysterical screaming session we started counting down the minutes to her death. Harsh I know but she was just so irritating!
Okay so to sum up the other hour of predictable, irksome film imagine 28 days/weeks later but confined to an apartment, without any character depth and close up gore. That’s not to mention the stupid elements of the plot and the bad camera shots. I realise that it was meant to be “in the moment” shots from the point of view of the cameraman to make the viewer feel like they are there but at some points all we were watching was people’s (surprisingly clean) shoes. One scene involved the cameraman killing one of the infected by repeatedly beating it with his camera, this meant we were watching a blurry zombie in extreme close up through splatters of blood. As not much could be seen it isn’t what I would call a good shot. Good to know they make zombie proof cameras these days though. The ending is pleasing however, partly because we finally get to see the woman disappear, but mainly because it is the end.
To sum up it’s a bad film with a predictable plot line we’ve all seen before involving characters the audience doesn’t really care about and foolish errors. Enjoyable comedy though.