Duck Tales

17 06 2009

A student campus is a very tight-knit community, especially a campus as small as ours (a phrase involving cats and swinging springs to mind). We’ve become almost like a family and recently we’ve acquired some new editions in the form of rather adorable ducklings.

Their parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z (don’t ask!), have been fond members of the Padgate family for years and when B settled herself on her nest she was treated like royalty, her every quack met . All our efforts paid off as on Monday night a mass crowd witnessed the hatching of eight extremely cute ducklings. The newly snappy mother regularly gets visited by wide-eyed faces of many students who seem to have turned into David Attenborough wannabes, even resorting to hiding behind leaves for long periods of time just to get a glimpse of their fluffy little heads. I am no exception.

What rather astounds me though is the commitment of students to the ducks as i’m sure many of us aren’t living a life of luxury unlike B and her octuplets. Constant supplies of fresh food and water as well as a swimming pool and many people at their beak and quack, they’re definitely living the good life! Good job really as the duck Beyonce seems to be taking a leaf from her namesake’s book by being an “independent woman”. Jay-Z hasn’t been seen in weeks!