Frankly Mr T…

19 01 2009

Date: 17th January. Place: Barfly, Liverpool. Event: Frank Turner and band (support from Emily Barker and Chris T. T)

Around 6:30ish time for pre gig drinks in a bar far too trendy for its own good. Still as Becki, James, Jonny and I stumbled through the door like drowned rats we appeared to have a few less judging eyes staring at us than I had anticipated. We were enthusiastically greeted at the bar by 2 males and a female who had felt tip handlebar moustaches sketched onto their faces. Definately Frank Turner fans. Anyway after a few shots and many drinks whilst swapping stories the 7 of us, now all complete with tribute felt tip moustaches, made our way next door to the Barfly.

After somehow getting quite confused as to which room thegig was actually in we caught the second half of Emily Barker’s set. She seemed quite quiet and the beer fulled crowd were oblivious to their volume levels. I subsequently didn’t hear much of her. The small amounts I did hear  were alright although i’m sure it was just one long song with talking inbetween. Frank Turner thankfully joined her on stage at one point which made it a lot less bland than it was destined to be.

During the break between the support acts James and Becki took the opportunity to go back to the bar. Jonny and I offered to keep our spots in the crowd, a decision I later regretted as they returned seeming rather pleased with themselves. They’d not only managed to keep the majority of their drink in the cup, which I must confess was a pretty impressive achievement as the tightly packed room and hidden steps weren’t working in their favour, but they’d met the man himself -Mr Frank Turner. They’d also got a rather nice picture with him too, profile picture on facebook for both of them for the next few weeks no doubt.

Next up was Chris T. T. After seeing him on stage I realised he had been in the trendy bar before the gig getting harassed by the three Frank obsessed randomers. I had originally thought it was was due to his uncanny resemblence to Jack Black. Either the crowd had settled or he was louder (the latter, I reckon) but I was able to hear his set properly and i’m very grateful I could as I fully enjoyed it. His lyrics were actually quite funny without making him seem like he’d taken the Jack Black thing too far. One of his songs nearer the end of the set stood out inparticular, the lyrics were witty and enhanced by the fact he sang it accapella.

Finally Frank. I was quite excited at this point as I’d never seen him live before but had heard good reports. He didn’t disappoint. The setlist was as follows (according to a fan forum)
The Ballad Of Me And My Friends
Reasons Not To Be An Idiot
Imperfect Tense
Live Fast, Die Old
Worse Things Happen At Sea
Back In The Day
Vital Signs
Once We Were Anarchists
The Real Damage
Love Worth Keeping
Father’s Day
I Knew Prufrock Before He Was Famous
Long Live The Queen
Love Ire & Song
St. Christopher

From the second he came on stage until the strum of the last note I had a huge grin on my face. I was just so happy! He invited Emily Barker onstage to play Worse Things Happen At Sea, my personal favourite, she’d turned up with a banjo-bonus! There was such a good atmosphere in the room with everyone singing and dancing along merrily, no elbows in my face or a fight to keep a tiny bit of personal space which has become far too common and irritating, or else I may be getting old. Frank even dedicated a song to the "moustache crew" to my delight and relief as I’d been asked not long before if it was real, credit to the artiste but a huge amount of self consciousness had arisen. Turns out he was a nice guy and joking about the hideous amount of facial hair on a female but I didn’t enjoy the brief period of time where the thought of joining the circus had crossed my mind.
Frank Turner and his band seemed to be enjoying the gig as much as we were which was nice to see. I can genuinely say he exceeded my expectations and I thorougly enjoyed the gig as one of the best I have been to in a while. Roll on the next one…
In the meantime it was off to Krazyhouse for us four, where we did have elbows to the face and a fight for personal space. I have bruises and footprinted shoes to prove it!

                                                                                               Songwriting genius. Ace gig.