Leeds Festival 09

28 08 2009

I have just glanced over the line up for this year’s Leeds Festival and drafted a schedule of who I would like to see. A pointless task considering I am sadly not going. Another festival I’ll be spending sat in front of the BBC watching the rather poor coverage which seems to limit itself to the Radio 1 playlist and concentrates far more on the Reading leg than it’s younger sibling.

Anyway I thought I would share my thoughts on this year’s line up. Personally I don’t think it’s the greatest line up they’ve ever had but there are some good bands playing.

Arctic Monkeys: Not a massive fan of this band but I have to admit they’ve got some good songs in their catalog and from what I’ve heard from the new album the help they’ve had from Josh Homme has given them a bit more of an edge. From the reports I’ve read about the Brixton gig, which took place on the 26th August, they’re on top form. I guess they had to be as their support came in the form of Them Crooked Vultures featuring Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Josh Homme himself from Queens Of The Stone Age. The new super-group whose live appearances seem to be currently kept under wraps.
The Prodigy: One of the bands I am gutted to be missing out on. After watching their performance at Glastonbury and almost being blown away through a measly 16″  television set I would love to see them live. The energy and lighting on stage looked amazing.
The Rakes: Loved their first album, not so keen on the second but haven’t properly heard their latest. Would have been good to have seen it live and make a proper judgement.
65daysofstatic: When I heard they were going I almost bought a ticket off eBay right there and then. I eventually did the sensible thing however and realised my bank might shut down my account if I continued bidding. They are a fantastic live band though and after seeing them perform their new material a few months ago it has only made me more eager to see them live as much as I can. Also, the last time they played Leeds festival was on the Lee Unsigned stage. I didn’t know who they were and had only gone to catch a bit of their set due to their obscure name. Little did I know at the time that the would later become my favourite band.
Jack Whitehall: An up and coming comedian who I actually found quite annoying until he performed a set at our SU bar a good few months ago and I now find him quite funny. That TNT show he does though is a bit rubbish!

Radiohead: I have wanted to see this band live for a long time now. They’ve obviously had a big impact on music and are one of those bands people should see if they get the chance.
Bloc Party: I would probably see Bloc Party mainly to avoid the crush of moving between bands and partly because I want to hear their new material. I was disappointed with them the last time I saw them at Leeds, the sound was rubbish and they looked really miserable from what I remember.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Always worth a look if only to see what Karen O is wearing. Helps that they have some ace songs though.
Frank Turner: You can always guarantee that he will show up somewhere on the line up. There is good reason for that though. His sets usually have a typical festival vibe. Upbeat yet chilled out at points with a slight folksy feel.
Tim Minchin: Ever since I saw this guy performing at the Secret Policeman’s Ball I loved him. Combining comedy with music he creates catchy yet hilarious songs. However, I don’t mind missing his set tomorrow as I am going to see him at The Lowry on Tuesday for his Ready For This? tour.

Kings Of Leon: Last time I saw this band I somehow ended up getting my face trodden on whilst my friend got unwillingly crowd-surfed out of the crowd. I would like to make it through a full set of theirs.
Jamie T: Good live. Good new stuff.
Florence and the Machine: Now she’s gone all mainstream it’s apparently not “cool” to like her anymore. I still do though, I can’t help it. The BBC know how to over play her songs though!
Manchester Orchestra: Haven’t fully made my mind up about this band yet but they’re on early so I’d give them a chance.
Dananananakroyd: Two drummers, enough said.
Everything Everything: Still unsigned but at this rate not for long. The songs I’ve heard are really good and they have the likes of Huw Stephens, Zane Lowe and Steve Lamacq raving about them.

As for the gaps I enjoy a good wander and usually find myself sat on a patch of grass in frontof a stage/tent surrounded by friends with alcohol. Sometimes the phrase “getting the most out of the festival” just means chillaxing and having a laugh in a field surrounded by music with your friends. In fact that’s what it means most of the time. The time spent not doing that usually involves finding those friends or your tent!

Writing this has just made me realise how much I miss not being their this year. Ah well, I best start saving for next year!