How To Win The Lottery (part 2)

15 09 2009

Okay so I know the moment has passed but I thought I’d post my two cents on last Friday’s show.

Despite being more confused about how the trick was done I thoroughly enjoyed the programme. I clearly must be watching the wrong programmes but I rarely find that an entertainment show on television that engages my mind as much as a Derren Brown programme does. Half of my brain seems to be concentrating on what he is saying and taking it in whilst the other half of my brain is overlooking what is coming out of his mouth and trying to read between the lines.

Derren seems to enjoy a live environment and appears relaxed which adds to both the entertainment factor of the show and my paranoia.
Although the majority of the audience were waiting for the ultimate reveal about the lottery trick I was rather enjoying the build up. An audience member avoiding a mouse, a guy avoiding a knife through his foot, it all adds to the explanation anyway.

An explanation that I’m not sure I believe to be honest. Deep maths?! Is that even a real thing? Although the last option of fixing the machine isn’t really his style part of me hopes he did. We will never find out though.

I read some tweets about the show and many people seem disappointed with The Events on Friday. Aside from the ones who genuinely believed they would find out how to win the lottery I think the others are hoping there is a bigger thing behind the lottery show. Some believe it was created simply to set up for the next show entitled How To Control The Nation, which looks fantastic by the way, or it will be if it works. We will never know the ins and outs of how he predicted the lottery or if there were/are underlying reasons behind it but it definitely got people talking.


How To Win The Lottery

11 09 2009

In one of the most gripping 10 minutes of television that I’ve seen in a while (maybe that says more about me than Derren) Derren Brown seemingly predicted the lottery. There are many theories flying around about how he did this, I too have my own. Well, when I say my own I meant I read a tweet on Twitter and concurred with his thoughts…

Derren and Co have even set up a website here in which theories can be discussed. Now that is confident. The only thing that we know for certain about Derren Brown predicting the lottery is that he didn’t predict the lottery.

However he did it Wednesday nights show is the best advert I’ve ever seen for a television show. Roll on "The Events".