The Mighty Boosh tour 2008-coming at you like a bronze goose.

7 12 2008

Monday December 1st 2008. The Mighty Boosh live tour hits Manchester. Cue a night of a talking moon, a pimped up gorilla, a crimp off with a giant honey monster, five men dressed as goth grannies and a talk show hosted by some sort of bladder with legs to name but a few of the insane, hilarious comedy moments.

The audience is almost as funny as the show itself. The row behind me consisted of a man with a giant foam cheese head, a woman with shells all over her face, someone covered in video tape and a fox covered in bin bags with needles for fingers. This will mean nothing to you if you have never witnessed the twisted world of The Mighty Boosh but for those of us who are avid fans it created a great game of spot the character until the show started.
The coloured spotlights start dancing over the boosh curtain and a familiar voice bellows from the speakers. Excitement really kicks in now as Noel and Julian are greeted by applause, cheers and screams as well as the odd shout for babies…
I have been a fan of The Mighty Boosh for a few years now and although am glad they have seen a lot of success in recent months if I’m being honest I resent the fact every 14-18 year old kid thinks it’s the "coolest thing eva!" They also seem to be everywhere these days what with the tour, the festival, the recent release of the book, rumours of a film and an album with Marc Ronson in the pipeline. As a fan I’m obviously intrigued by these new ventures and will probably purchase/get involved with many of them but the latest edition of the Boosh merchandise is making me wary about how far they are pushing the Mighty Boosh as a brand. They have recently released Boosh figurines. I hope their genius comedy and originality doesn’t get lost in the ever increasing over exposure. All these thoughts soon disappeared from my head as the buzzing atmosphere took over.
The show began with Vince Noir, aka Noel Fielding, sailing onto the stage with fireworks in a giant boat crimping to the sounds of Future Sailors. Howard Moon, aka Julian Barratt, appeared more subtly onto stage in a dingy also crimping along to Future Sailors. From this moment we were whisked away on a whirlwind tour with The Mighty Boosh. Bob Fossil (Rich Fulcher) got us all on our feet to teach us his own dance moves, with names like "where were you last night " and "the ostrich" you can imagine the results-we weren’t exactly like the cast of High School Musical after the lesson, although some would say close. The shaman Naboo and Bollo the gorilla appeared all pimped up and gangster like rapping their way onto stage. Expect a frisbee clock to be flying your way soon, although the time will always be 3 o’ clock according to Bollo. The gangster styles of Naboo and Bollo lead to a rendition of ’99 problems’ from The Moon, one of his adapted lyrics being "I’ve got 99 problems and four of them are catering". We also had a surprise visit from Tony Harrison, a character who consists of an oddly shaped head with tentacles attached so you can see how it was unexpected. He had his own talk show style section of the show featuring his foreign taxi driver as a guest. This was played by Rich Fulcher who created a very funny foreign language which my friend has tried to repeat several times and failed.
The hilarious banter between Vince and Howard (and sometimes the crowd) led the show to a story about the future. Howard’s version being all bleak and environment conscious while Vince’s was all bright and glittery and The Moon has a striking resemblance to Ziggy Stardust. Some highlights of the second section without going into too much detail were Noel’s accent as Sunflash, a mixture of Chinese and chav-chaveese, Bollo falling over and smashing a globe and it’s stand to pieces, a giant version of the Honey Monster getting his head blown off with an equally big hairdryer and my personal favourite section of the night, the band. They played a mega mix of the crimps in the third series and nanageddon dressed as goth grannies.
Overall an amazing night with many, many laugh til you cry moments. If I had my way i’d be there every night of the tour. And that stuff I said before about the overexposure… pah! They’re just as funny as they were before just with pyrotechnics and bigger props.
Beware, the Boosh is Loose and a little bit raw!!!