Coffee Creations

5 08 2009

How do you like your coffee? With milk or without? Whatever way you take it im sure there’s one cup here that’ll quench your thirst. (Add your own sugar).

3604 cups of coffee and 564 pints of milk were used to recreate Leonardo Da Vinci’s world famous painting, the Mona Lisa.

Varying amounts of milk was added to black coffee to create the different tones needed. It is 20 feet high and 13 feet wide. Not sure i’d enjoy having my face that big for people to stare at! However, it is rather impressive.

It was created for The Rocks Aroma Festival in Sydney, Australia.

The Mona Lisa has been recreated many a time using several different creations including recycled train tickets, computer parts and of course lego. Look here for photographic evidence or here for more variations.