Music videos I wish I’d been involved in.

2 03 2010

Title says it all. Oh, except the fact that they’re recent music videos and that it is by no means an exhaustive list.

Ok Go – This Too Shall Pass

Vampire Weekend – Cousins

Muse – Uprising


Free Music. Legal too!

4 12 2009

Inspired by Lauren Laverne’s new show on BBC 6 Music in which she gave her listeners a link to a free download everyday I thought I would make it more simple (for me as much as you) to point you in the right direction.

Despite being given away for free (some for a limited time only) all these tracks are really good, especially the Steve Mason (fomally of the excellent Beta Band) song. If he’s giving that away for free the rest of the album must be amazing!


Shy Child – Criss Cross

Steve Mason – All Come Down

Blood Red Shoes – Colours Fade

The Futueheads – Struck Dumb

There’s also loads of ace remixes & mash ups here. I personally can’t get enough of the Be My Baby intro remix, it’s titled Pre-Show Music April 209 – Master on the following link:

65daysofstatic – remixes/mash ups

Be Warned!

17 07 2009

Promoting a band by posting tracks on your blog? Not a good idea.
Take Note

All a bit of a Blur

17 07 2009

Blur have been storming their way through their comeback gigs and are apparently theband to see this festival season. However, festivals have a nasty habit of forcing punters to make difficult decisions when it comes to choosing which bands to see, especially the headliners. Take Glastonbury for example, Blur on the Pyramid stage vs The Prodigy on the Other stage. Tough call I reckon. This got me thinking, who would be on the Other stage for me to pass on seeing Blur live.

The Prodigy: An amazing live act, their set at Glastonbury clearly proved this. The lighting alone was enough to send you crazy. Their songs are made to be enjoyed loudly with a big group of people, providing there’s enough space to jump around uncontrollably of course. Definately a band that needs to been seen live at some point but by the sounds of it they’re going to be jumping around and screaming down their illuminous mics for a while.

Muse: Many “best live act” awards have Muse etched into them meaning they must be doing something right. They always manage to create a set which blows you away through both the epic songs they have and the way they chose to visually express their music. For me, their gigs at Wembley Stadium in 2007 will go down as one of the best gigs in history. Reguarding the Blur debate I reckon I’d have to ditch Muse just this one time. I’ve seen them a few times before and they definately don’t shy away from touring. Can’t wait for the new album.

Elbow: Ever since their album The Seldom Seen Kid won the Mercury Prize they’ve been everywhere. The beautiful sound of thousands of people singing along to One Day Like This as the sun goes down is something I recommend you experience. As a headline act to rival Blur however, I don’t believe they have the right kick behind their music to end a festival with bang. Amazing live band though.

KIngs Of Leon: The last time I saw this band live I somehow ended up on the floor with a trainer squashing my face. After crowdsurfing my way out I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the set despite the muddy footprint I now modeled. If it was that manic a few years ago before the release of their number one album Only By The Night I can’t imagine how crazy it would be in their crowd now. I would be intruiged to find out.

65daysofstatic: A personal entry added to the mix. I presume I am in the minority when I say they are probably the only band that could seriously tear me away from a Blur comeback gig. Although I have seen them live many times I am still fascinated by them on stage, they truely mesmorise me and I find myself immersing into my own blissfully happy world at their gigs. This is probably a good thing as I’m not fully aware of how odd my “dancing” is! I mean how does one dance to post-rock? It’s impossible to remain motionless though. Moving on…

Oasis: Blur’s main rivals back in the day and I can’t help feeling that some of that rivalry still exists, even if it is down purely to the media. Both bands have recently played massive gigs as well as making appearances at festivals, the reprised comparisons are inevitable. Oasis are back on good form even though there have been technical hitches. However, it seems that Blur have the edge due to their absence in recent years. Their split was never properly laid to rest by fans and whether this is a chance to say a proper goodbye or welcome them back is unknown, making their gigs ones not to be missed. And that’s before mentioning that they actually look like a better live band now than the first time round.