Music Magazine Decline

30 08 2009

After listening to The Music Week on BBC6 Music concern was raised over the decline in sales of music magazines. Obviously this has been blamed on the recession and the internet. These are definitely factors, especially the internet. With a world of information at the click of a button why bother spending £3 on a magazine which is mostly full of information you aren’t interested in. Personally though I enjoy flicking through a magazine. The quality of the writing is far better than the drivel produced for some internet articles (possibly including this?!), the pictures appear to be of better quality when printed on glossy pages and magazines seem to retain my interest more. The internet has so many distractions whilst you can bury your head in the pages of a magazine and concentrate on what you’re reading.

When it comes to NME however, I stopped buying that magazine a while ago. It seems to be the Bible for what I like to call "Scenesters". People who follow the crowd, are "individual" yet look the same as every other scenester and only love the latest "cool" band although they loose interest in the band as soon as someone else has heard of them. Irritating. The main reason I stopped buying NME though was the fact that at least half of the magazine is adverts. It isn’t exactly a thick magazine in the first place so to fill half of it with advertising is rather annoying and slightly rude to the reader in my opinion. The articles themselves are only half a page long and they contradict themselves from issue to issue. I understand advertising is needed for funding but at least bulk up your articles and make your mind up.

Long live Q Magazine I say. Although they seem to love Keane, Kaiser Chiefs and U2 they do produce some damn good stuff. Plus Muse are the main feature this week and that’s always going to sway my vote!