This Blog Will Change My Life* (part 1)

3 03 2010

*Bit of an exaggeration!

Allow me to set the scene…  There I was on a mission to buy some lovely new clothes and yet again I failed. Unless it’s a tee shirt I seem to be incapable of clothes shopping, the universe seems to be against me on that one.

Anyway before I head into a rant about clothes shopping I shall move swiftly on. En route to the bus stop I always pass Magma which has become my new favourite shop. In this shop I find this book:

I have set myself the challenge to follow the tasks set in this book. One each day. To even things out I have done two tasks today. Feels more appropriate to start afresh on a new month, y’know?!

Day 1: Aside from filling out couple of rather funny forms asking for bank details, the explanation of evil and my preffered blood group (with a note to say if the opportunity arises whoever has read this should make sure my blood gets swapped), the first task is pleasingly easy. Options have even been included. Some of the options are: go on a one-minute hunger strike, whisper a white lie when no one’s listening, learn to play “Chopsticks”. Without having a musical intrument to hand to play Chopsticks (admittedly I could have improvised) I decided to go for the insult an insect option. I do hope I didn’t hurt it’s feelings too much. Feeling triumphant from this task I attempted another – hold the phone to my other ear. This was also a success and what with 3 being my favourite number (the book had already asked me) I went for one more task – do one press-up. By far the hardest but I managed it. Just stuck to the one though, didn’t want to push myself too hard.

Day 2: “The Love of Your Life – Today, gaze at everyone wondering whether they might be the one true love of your life, the one destined for you and you alone, and whether you might be passing them by forever… Act in consequence.” I was slightly more picky than the task suggested. To begin with I narrowed down “everyone” to guys, an obvious first step, then fully began my secret task with a hunt for dark hair and beards. Not neccesities but most definitely preferable. I wasn’t brave/not weird enough for full on face to face gazing and most of was done in the seating position to further add to the illusion of normalness and avoid embarrasing injury. All in all I’m not so sure how successfuly this task was completed, furthermore how does one judge the success of this task? Surely not by finding the actual love of your life (although that would be a rather good result) as life is a long time to wait for the results! I may carry on this task over the next few days, purely for my own amusement!

Two down 363 to go!