Ticket Tout Trouble

20 02 2009

Have you ever been refreshing your internet while through the speakerphone on your mobile you hear the dreaded hold music interrupted only by an irritatingly over polite woman? Not out of choice of course, you’ll probably be trying to get your hands on tickets.

I have been in this situation many times constantly having to remind myself that it’ll be worth it… eventually. However, this isn’t always the case as somehow ticket touts manage to get hold of hundreds of tickets only to place them on sites such as Ebay leaving the real fans gutted. These ticket touts then manage to take at least double off us in our hour of desperation. What’s worse is the poor excuses these sellers come up with, "I’ve twisted my ankle", "Im going to have a headache that day" etc… If they need to get rid of these tickets so much why sell them for twice what they’re worth? I must confess I have been grateful to see a pair of tickets for a gig or festival I’ve really wanted to go to but I had to resort to a diet of dry pasta for weeks afterwards due to my bank account being cleared out by that Ebayer with the twisted ankle. With ticket prices rising as they are anyway with extra charges such as transaction fees and the like I doubt i’ll resort to ticket touts again any time soon. The government have decided to attempt to do something about it, again! Personally, I’m unsure how they plan to stop ticket touts. They’re everywhere. I’m also unsure if they’re an entirely bad thing, if for some genuine reason a person cannont attend a gig/festival/show etc I think they should be allowed to sell their ticket to another fan and for face value of course.

For more info read here news.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/hi/the_p_word/newsid_7899000/7899421.stm